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Three generations of women

Engaging with a purpose

As part of WECA’s Research and Development Project we have created ‘Let’s Discuss Forum.’ It provides an informal and friendly space for Culturally Diverse Communities (CDC) to voice, put forward and get involved on matters that have positive/negative impact on them.

There are  quarterly topics of discussion,  guests  are invited to voice their thoughts on pressing and developing matters in the community that are impacting their social, physical and economic well-being.  Currently there is underrepresentation of CDC female voices in community development. This project wants to encourage women to come forward for friendly discussions to help build strong dialogues on social and economic mobility in the community. The forum is open to everyone, regardless of genders or ethnicities.  We also encourage service providers, advocates and policy makers to join the forum to feed in and take out information to help improve their services and level of interaction with the CDC. Due to low representation of Asian women, we highly encourage participation from this particular group.

WECA as a bridge between public and professional bodies/policy makers want to engage with CDC and wider public with a purpose. That is to: listen, learn and share with policy makers/service providers your experience as a resident of Warrington with the hope of educating and building awareness of issues affecting the CDC.

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