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Get to know us

The Associations purpose is the promotion of the minority ethnic community voluntary sector in Warrington for the public benefit. WECA will do this by:


Acting as a representative of the minority ethnic community voluntary sector in relation to statutory and non-statutory decision making systems to adequately reflect the needs and wishes of ethnic community groups in Warrington;


Identify needs in the minority ethnic community voluntary sector and providing small grants to enable minority ethnic community groups to address such needs;


Identify needs in the minority ethnic community voluntary sector and providing small grants to enable minority ethnic community groups to address such needs;


Liaising between charities, voluntary organisations, government agencies and other groups on relevant issues.

What we do

WECA aims to support culturally diverse communities (black, minority and ethic) to promote community cohesion in Warrington. It was formed in January 2004 to act as an umbrella body for 'grassroots', community and voluntary 'minority' groups in Warrington.


 WECA represents culturally diverse groups at strategic and community level. It works with both statutory and non-statutory services to identify needs, advocates wishes and changes of Warrington's culturally diverse communities.


WECA is kindly supported by Warrington Voluntary Action, who have seconded a Research and Development Officer (see contact) to the organisation, to carry out participatory action research and engagement project. The aim of the project is to engage with ethic communities and professional bodies to address social issues and improve services and policies impacting culturally diverse communities.


WECA promotes and works collaboratively with culturally diverse communities and statutory and non-statutory services to generate social change through consultation, research and engagement work. Through its research and development work it supports and shape Warrington’s policy development and service delivery to meet needs of the town’s changing demographics.


WECA host’s the newly formed quarterly Let’s Discuss Forums as part of its Research and Development Project’. It provides an informal and friendly space for culturally diverse communities (CDC) to voice, put forward and get involved on matters that have a positive/negative impact on them. Guests are invited to voice their thoughts on pressing and developing matters in the community that are impacting their social, physical and economic well-being. Currently there are under representation of culturally diverse females voices. WECA would like to address this matter by delivering a community engagement workshop across Warrington to recruit more female voices and find out more about wishes and issue’s concerning them, particularly issues affecting health and wellbeing of Muslim and Traveller/ Gypsy women living and working in Warrington.


WECA has also set up the bimonthly Newsletter, which is available both online and in paper format, packed with the latest information about WECA, the sector and community groups.


It also contains updates and information on latest funding, research and policy in relation to CDC. The Newsletter is kindly distributed through Warrington Voluntary Action’s email alerts; please visit Warrington Voluntary Action to sign up their alerts.


WECA's widely known across Warrington and the North West for organising the yearly cultural festival known as the 'Mela'. This major event brings together different communities to celebrate music, dance, entertainment and food of different cultures. It's the most happening, inspiring and popular event for the whole community!

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